Community Bulletin Board

Do you have something to sell? Post your community announcements here on our HOA website. Fill out and submit the form below. (Note: Garage rentals are not allowed.) Once reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors and Property Management – your items will be posted below. Mention your sense of urgency or timeline in the Brief Description section. Requests are generally addressed within 24-48 hours. (Don’t forget to click on SUBMIT!)

It is the responsibility of the resident to use this CONTACT US FORM to alert the Webmaster when your Community BB posting(s) should be removed. If there is no response from the resident within 3-months of the posting, it will be automatically removed at that time.


♦ LOOKING TO BUY: Interested in purchasing a garage/storage unit as soon as possible. Willing to pay cash. Looking/willing to sell? Call Hunter at (928) 970-1007. (Posted: 6/2/2022)

♦ GRATITUDE: Thank you(!) to the kind person who put the case of water and Cheerios that fell out of my car at a nearby location where I would find them. I appreciate it so much! – Carolyn (Posted: 2/20/2022)

The Board of Directors & Management have the right to screen all submissions before they are posted on this page.