Project Documents

Below are the amended and restated Project Documents which were approved as proposed at the Association’s annual meeting on Saturday, October 19, 2013. Please read the President’s Letter and acquaint yourself with our governing documents. You may download and print the documents from this page, or contact the HOAMCO Management Company to request a printed copy be mailed to you. HOAMCO’s contact information is on the BOARD INFORMATION page.

The Board of Directors thanks you for your support in bringing our Project Documents up-to-date and supporting the management of the Association.

President’s Letter ·  CC&R’s ·  Bylaws ·  Articles of Incorporation
Rules & Regulations

Insurance Policy Letter (Nov. 1, 2022)
Certificate of Property Insurance
Certificate of Liability Insurance

Summit Park Satellite Antenna Policy

The Summit Park Board of Directors has worked for two years to implement the Association’s Policy regarding the installation of satellite antennas throughout the complex. The residents and owners support of the HOA policy is appreciated by all and the improvement in the appearance of the complex is noticeable. For your information, below are the Policy, the Presidents Letter to Owners and pictures of acceptable and non-acceptable installations. Please use these to help maintain the appearance of our complex and contact our property manager, Ted Wojtasik. His contact information is on the BOARD INFORMATION page, or you may find it in the right margin (Sidebar) of this website..

HOA Policy   ·    President’s (Antenna) Letter   ·    Installation Pictures